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[REPEAT] ONLINE: Managing Yourself on the Postgraduate Journey


This seminar is intended to support those engaged in postgraduate studies and feeling challenged by emotional and psychological barriers in writing up their thesis.

Writing a thesis is a dual challenge: it is a test of intellectual and technical abilities, but also of personal strengths and resilience. All these faculties have to be developed and nurtured along the way to success in completing a postgraduate degree. Phases of lack of motivation, self-doubt, anxiety and frustration are normal experiences on the long and bumpy road of a research journey. However, these feelings do not have to lead to abandonment of the project and a sense of overall failure if the researcher is able to cultivate a growth mentality instead of harbouring a deficiency mindset. Challenges can be considered opportunities for personal growth and development, and the inner qualities acquired on the thesis writing journey can lead to experiences of joy and accomplishment for having overcome difficulties; they will become valuable skills transferable to other areas of one’s life.

The seminar will provide an opportunity for reflection on challenges and trials commonly experienced, and on how enabling beliefs and positive thought patterns can be nurtured.


Dr Gudrun Oberprieler works as an Academic Writing Consultant and Mentor, Editor, and Life and Career Coach. Her background is in languages, literature and educational technology, with many years of experience in higher and adult education settings in teaching, training, mentoring and academic development roles. Her qualifications include a PhD in German literature, a Master’s degree in Adult Education, and a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching.

A focus of Gudrun’s work is on supporting postgraduate students in a combination of life, project and time management coaching with academic writing skills consultation and language editing. She also runs workshops on postgraduate skills development.

Gudrun works on a part-time basis in the Emerging Researcher Programme at UCT’s Research Office and also supports postgraduate students in a private capacity.

Dr Mwanja Chundu has worked in Child and Psychiatry for 4 years prior to taking up her current position at Student Wellness Services. She is currently undertaking research into suicidal and non-suicidal behaviours in university students and their relationship to perceived parenting styles experienced during students’ upbringings.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020
10:00am - 12:00pm
Dr Gudrun Oberprieler and Dr Mwanja Chundu
OPGS workshops

Registration is required. There are 36 seats available.

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Amanda Bessick



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