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ONLINE: Research in Digital Times - Collaborating, Analysing and Sharing

ONLINE: Research in Digital Times - Collaborating, Analysing and Sharing

In  support of  the nationwide lockdown and social distancing, the DLS team will not be holding face-to-face presentations as part of their Learning Lunches series, until further notice. Their presentations will all  be available on the Open Science Framework (OSF) page - click here: https://osf.io/5avhm/

DLS will also be updating the platform with their slides for the upcoming lectures.


About the Session

3 in 1!

  • Research projects don't have to be a lonely process. Frequently many different researchers work together towards generating new knowledge. Getting data to be used by everyone and making sure it stays original and current is a challenge. We look at Open Science Framework, a tool that helps people work together and make sure their data stays fresh.
  • Doing analysis on data is one of the key steps in a research cycle, and there are plenty of tools that can help researchers understand and showcase their discoveries. Data Visualization and Analysis can go in many different directions but each one needs to work with tidy data as a starting point. We look at tidy data across different disciplines and the ways in which to showcase them.
  • Data becomes more valuable once it is shared, allowing others to use it to glean information and build knowledge. In today's academic landscape researchers can get credit for the data they produce, leading to new opportunities for study. But to be shared, data must be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. We look at what this means and go through UCT's data repository ZivaHub and how to use it to share your data.

About the Series

Research in Difficult Digital Times - Are you wanting to upskill managing data in your research project? Learn skills from creating data management plans to publishing data on repositories. 

About Us


Registrations open Tuesday, 21 January 2020.


Venue: Hiddingh Hall Library


How to book your seat 

Booking page: Research in Digital Times: Collaborating, Analysing and Sharing - Then click on the 'Begin Registration' tab and complete the sections.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Show more dates
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Digital Library Services

Event Organizer

Amanda Bessick



Room 2.04  Level 2 Otto Beit Building

University Avenue, Upper Campus

University of Cape Town

Rondebosch 7700


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