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Pint of Science, South Africa

Pint of Science, South Africa

Rather than a series of formal talks, Pint of Science aims to recreate the buzz that allows leading experts in various scientific fields to present, discuss and take questions on their latest discoveries and research with members of the public over a drink and a packet of snacks.

The format is simple, talks in a bar/venue for the public over three nights in May 2018 at the UCT Club on the Upper Campus from 18h30-21h00.


Tanya Hutton - A neutron walks into a bar…

  • Despite existing for the majority of the age of the universe neutrons were discovered only 86 years ago. Subatomic particles, neutral in charge and just a little bit bigger than a proton, they are essential to the structure of matter as we know it. From atoms, to pubs, to power and to galaxies, we will explore just how critical neutrons are to the universe, and how we can use their unique properties throughout science.?

Tanya Hutton completed her undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham, UK, in 2010, and found a love of nuclear physics during her postgraduate Masters in the Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors. From there she completed her Doctorate in collaboration with the UK authority on fusion energy, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, studying the intricacies of the behavior of neutrons when you try to "bottle the sun". Following her doctorate, Hutton moved to the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in 2016 to pursue a postdoctoral career in applied nuclear physics. Her current research focuses on the use of fast neutrons to solve real-world problems.

Mashudu Mokhithi - Is intelligence fixed or malleable?

  • Effects of mindsets in academic achievement: how a student's mindset can affect their academic performance (in mathematics)

Mashudu Mokhithi is a lecturer in the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics department, this is my second year lecturing. He did his undergraduate studies at UCT in the Chemical Engineering department. Mokhithi is researching on academic mindsets.

David Gammon - Are all carbohydrates bad?

  • Carbohydrates have had bad press of late. Should we eat them or not? Should we tax them or ban them outright? This talk will try to define what we mean by carbohydrates, and how to tell if they are good or bad. It will also highlight some surprising places that you will find them, yes, right inside your own bodies, and how we might just owe our lives to their existence. There are some subtle, complex little carbs just crying out for recognition, or maybe involved in recognition?

David Gammon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at UCT, and Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Science at UCT; carbohydrate chemist, specializing in the structure and synthesis of biologically active carbohydrates; South African representative on the Committee of the International Carbohydrate Organization


Book your tickets for Day Two here: Tickets for Pint of Science Day2 (Tickets also available at the door on the day)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 Show more dates
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Upper Campus

Event Organizer

Dumisa Dlodlo



Room 2.04  Level 2 Otto Beit Building

University Avenue, Upper Campus

University of Cape Town

Rondebosch 7700


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